About Me

Hello Everyone! My name is Geoff Goeres-Hill and I'm a 31-year-old game programmer and software engineer from Irvine, California. As a game developer I am dedicated to providing professional service, quality game development, and trustworthy results.

You probably want to look at my resume and work. Thats cool, but sit tight and let's break the ice a little.

What Drives Me

My passion is all about creating fun gaming experiences! I enjoy collaborating with other great professionals, I love the logic and structure of coding, and I especially enjoy seeing games come to life throughout the entire development process.

When I'm not designing, coding, or playing video games, you'll find me out on crazy adventures with my family! We enjoy everything from hiking, to learning at museums, creating art & music, and going to all sorts of events, concerts, and conventions!


I am currently the Lead Unity Software Engineer at Vrainiac Studio, an independent AR/VR game developer in Orange County, and also run my own freelance gig under DARKMATT3R STUDIOS / ImagiTech Entertainment. I have many programming certifications such as C# and C++, and am also recognized as a Unity Certified Developer!

Check out my resume, portfolio, and skills below!

My Skills

• Unity Certified Developer with 6+ years of experience in Unity

• Programming Languages: C#/.NET, Python, SQL

• Unity Gameplay Programming and Development

• Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

• Artificial Intelligence, Navigation, and Pathfinding

• Player Input Controls, User Interface, and Audio Programming

• Cinematics, Graphics, Lighting, and Rendering

• Core Engine, Systems, and Tools

• Debugging, Profiling, and Performance Optimization

• Visual Studio, Amazon Web Services, and GIT Source Control



Irvine, California


(949) 630-7695